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Play Retro Handheld Games at Pica Pic

Pica Pic Handheld Games

Childhood video game nostalgia FTW

As we’re all well aware, the internet can be used for creative good or soul-shattering evil (and the line separating the two can get a bit hazy at times). Every once in awhile, a truly benign and innovative idea comes to life through the deft creative execution of talented designers and thinkers (ex. the “Sour” music video, definitely worth a watch). For a brief moment, something beautiful surfaces from the cesspool of negative comments and ironic detachment that defines a lot of the day-to-day emotional commerce on the interwebs, and it reminds of that thin wedge of the interactive pie-chart signifying “Genuine happiness and faith in humanity”.

Today, that moment is brought you by Pica Pic’s handheld video game treasury by Hipopotam, a collection of games that any kid of the 80s/early 90s will immediately recognize. Sure, it’d be nice to just look at these expertly re-created and nod approvingly, but the experience doesn’t stop there: you can actually play most of the games as well. Inner-child, feel free to go nuts.